EXCLUSIVE: Family of 10-year-old accused of CSC speaks out

(WXYZ) - The grandmother of a 10-year-old boy facing two counts of first degree criminal sexual conduct wants to share her family’s story for the sake of other parents.  She says-- in her opinion-- play between kids on Elkhart in Harper Woods last week turned into serious criminal charges.

“It was probably a game to him,” said the grandmother.

She spoke exclusively with 7 Action News on the condition of anonymity to protect her grandson. She says her grandson was playing with other elementary school age kids on the street when he made a  decision.

“His statement is that he had his clothes on, and somebody told him to hump one of the little girls,” said the grandmother.

All the while, he had his clothes on.  The little girl did the right thing and reported what happened. The boy's grandmother, however, says police took it too far.

Police questioned the boy, and what he told them resulted in first degree criminal sexual conduct charges. Police are not releasing further details. 

"They kept him back for 4.5 hours, interrogating him, without him having any representation there,” said the grandmother.

7 Action News asked police about the interrogation process.  Harper Woods Police Chief Jim Burk said police on the case showed good investigative work.  He said he has not received any formal complaints from the family of the boy.

"The little girl here-- she is a victim of a crime.  She did nothing wrong,” said Chief Burk.  “…and our officers did a good job of identifying who was responsible.”

Attorney Shannon Smith is not working this case, but has represented many kids accused of criminal sexual conduct.  She said the tough thing about these cases is that the kids sometimes don’t understand the sexual nature of what they are accused of.

“The consequences are very serious,” said Smith.  “Even though the child does not face registry consequences, they still face incarceration.”

Now, the boy’s future is in the hands of the justice system.  His grandmother hopes it helps him rather than punishes him.  She says one regret the family has is not getting legal advice the minute the allegations were made. 

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