EXCLUSIVE POLL: Michiganders would spend $1 billion state surplus on K-12 educations, roads

(WXYZ) - So what would the people of Michigan like Governor Rick Snyder and the Michigan Legislature do with the State’s nearly $1 billion budget surplus?  That question was asked of 600 likely Michigan voters in a new EPIC MRA poll released to WXYZ/Channel 7 and the Detroit Free Press first. 

In the statewide survey, 38 percent want increased funding for K-12 education, 36 percent would like to see those excess funds put into maintaining and repairing state roads, and 11 percent  want a state income tax cut averaging about $45 per person. Only 1 percent of Michigan residents want the surplus to be used on Michigan’s 15 public universities. 

Bernie Porn, Channel 7’s political pollster and President of Epic MRA, said, “The voters are clear on their priorities for the surplus; spend it on education and roads and the feeling is shared by Republicans and Democrats alike!” 

The poll was conducted February 5 – 11 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.0 percent.  Twenty percent of the respondents did so via their cell phones. See official poll results below.

Q.) It is estimated that there will be a state budget surplus this year of up to $1 billion. There has been a great deal of debate already about what this budget surplus should be used for. Which of the following is the one use that you think most of the budget surplus should be used for?


Increased funding for K-12 education


Increased funding for the maintenance and repair of state roads


A state income tax cut for Michigan taxpayers of an average of about $45 per person 


Additional funding into the budget stabilization, rainy day fund


Increased funding for revenue sharing for local communities 


Increased funding for Michigan’s 15 public universities




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