EXCLUSIVE: Wife of man accused of child abuse says no bruising points to medical issue, not abuse

MOUNT CLEMENS (WXYZ) - "He couldn't wait to have a little girl and then this happens," said Marquita Finner about her husband, Lance Finner, who relatives say has been wrongly accused of abusing their baby girl.

Lance Finner is charged with one count of First Degree Child Abuse and has sat in the Macomb County Jail since his arrest in early November on a $2,000,000 bond.

Marquita and her brother, Sylvester Morgan, are some of the relatives who say doctors were too quick to judge a fractured femur, and what investigators say were over a dozen other broken bones, as child abuse when there was no bruising.

Just two days before her husband would be accused of child abuse, Marquita Finner says she took the three week old infant to their pediatrician because the child was not properly extending her left leg. Marquita says the doctor did not take any x-rays and told her everything was fine.

The family talked to 7 Action News exclusively Wednesday and displayed x-rays taken two days later, the night Lance was accused of abuse, that show a fractured femur in the same leg.

Finner's relatives say several medical experts have reviewed the baby's medical reports and have concluded that the child has Rickets caused by a vitamin D deficiency.

The bone defect can sometimes lead to allegations of child abuse.

Finner's family has set up the website lancefinner.com to spread his story of what they consider to be a wrongful prosecution.

Finner returns to court on Thursday for a pre-trial hearing where relatives are hoping to see the charge dropped or at least a bond reduction.

"They didn't consider, even after we challenged them, that it could be anything other than abuse," said Finner's brother-in-law Sylvester Morgan. "Their mind was made up."

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