Facebook group campaigns for comedian Stephen Colbert to visit Detroit

DETROIT, Mich. (WXYZ) - Detroit, ba-dum-chh.

It's a city that's undoubtedly suffered at the punch line of one too many jokes over the years.

That's why the local creators of one Facebook page are saying they've had enough with the negative Detroit blows.

The group is building on their grass roots effort to convince Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert to venture to the Motor City and lead a march through the streets after he made some not-so positive remarks about Detroit.

"We're fans of the show, we're avid watchers of the show... and we noticed there was an increasing number of jabs taken at Detroit. On one hand, it's humor-- on the other hand, it's cheap shots," says the Facebook page's co-creator Megan Deal.

Deal, the creative director for the Little Things Lab, a company focused on creative economy solutions in post-industrial cities, started the Facebook page with her coworker and collaborator Josh McManus.

Their page is called "Colbert Does Detroit (and so can you)" –and they're fan base has garnered nearly 4,000 *likes* after it was created in September.

"The main thing that's been surprising, and in fact really rewarding, is that we haven't really done a whole lot. In that, you know, we sorta put up the Facebook page and we manage it, but mostly it's been the fans, individuals who have really been taking the initiatives," says Deal.

Armed with signs that say "Colbert wasn't here," the page's fans or "Colbassadors," as they jokingly call themselves, take pictures around the city.

They even managed to get Ben Folds in one of the shots while he was performing at the Fillmore.

"This is all in good fun," says Deal. "It's not meant to be negative in any way."

Although they have yet to hear from the funny man, the group isn't giving up just yet. The Colbassadors are planning to hold a brainstorming session on Monday, October 22 at 7 p.m. at the Detroit Beer Company for everyone to come together and share ideas on how to get Colbert to show the world that the city is good for more than just a laugh.

"You'd be right to say, ‘Well yeah, liking a Facebook page isn't going to do a whole lot,' but if you can take it one step beyond that and perhaps create some kind of physical manifestation of a community, that's where it gets interesting," says Deal.

The Beer company is also planning to name a brew after the comedian. It's going to be called the "Colbeer."

Regardless of what happens, Megan says this was all in good fun and she's happy with what the Facebook page has already accomplished.

"We sorta feel like from a community rallying standpoint—it's been successful," says Megan. "If that's all that comes out of this, fine. It's another sort of… ‘Well--hey, we're still here, we can do stuff…and we're proud of our city.'"


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