Fake FBI agents trying to trick Oakland County residents

(WXYZ) - A mother at home in the West Bloomfield Lake Estates in West Bloomfield Township was surprised to find two men and a woman standing at the back sliding glass door of her home Thursday night dressed as FBI agents.

"They were wearing all black with blue lettering that said FBI and they asked her if they could come in-- that they were the FBI. And she said, 'no',” said West Bloomfield Township Police Lt. Curt Lawson.

That’s because she found it odd they came to the back door instead of the front, and that they had pulled up in a Mercedes Benz.

"She told them, 'no, I'm not going to let you in the house' and called 911," said Lt. Lawson. 

That’s when the three fake agents got angry and pulled out their weapons and pointed them at her.

"They got really upset, actually drew their weapons and pointed them at her, and that’s when they tried to enter the residence," said Lt. Lawson. 

When they weren’t going to be let in, the three people tried to force their way into the front of the home and only took off when she told them again the cops were on their way.

This may not be the first time that these three have done this—recently in two separate incidents in Sterling Heights, people with a similar description have tried to trick their way into homes by posing as FBI agents and ATF agents.

"We are going to contact Sterling Heights, we are going to contact the detectives and we are going to compare notes.  We already talked with the FBI and they are aware of the situation,” said Lt. Lawson.

The West Bloomfield Township Police say the victims targeted in all three incidents were of Middle Eastern descent.

The two male suspects are described as Middle Eastern and in their 30s. The female suspect is described as Middle Eastern in her 20s with straight brown hair medium in length. All three had black semi automatic handguns.

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