Fall color preview! When will the colors be at their peak?

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(WXYZ) - As the first splashes of fall color begin to dot the landscape in Michigan, we wanted to pass along some average times for peak fall color across both of Michigan's gorgeous peninsulas. 


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The far western parts of the upper peninsula usually peak from mid-September to early October, while all other areas in the upper peninsula peak from late-September to mid-October. The average peak color for the lower peninsula is from late September in the far north to late October here in the southern part of the state.

Those are just averages, and it's important to remember that this year's season may be a bit ahead of schedule because of the stress that the trees were under during our hotter and drier than normal growing season. 

Also, every year we notice that areas within several miles of the Great Lakes waters peak a little later than inland regions because of the moderating influence of the relatively warm fall water temperatures in the big lakes.

And remember, "peak color" is a subjective measure. Breathtaking streaks of gold, orange, red and yellow can captivate us well before peak and well after many trees have already shed all their foliage. 

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