Fallen tree crushes home in southwest Detroit

(WXYZ) - The storm that came through Tuesday night did a number on a historic house in Southwest Detroit.

A tree fell and crushed the house’s porch. 

The family that owns the house said the porch was built in 1875, with the house.

“I am hoping to get it restored to the way it was,” said the house’s owner Jeffrey Hitch. 

His daughter lives in the house, but was not home when the tree fell.  She is grateful she wasn’t out on that porch.  She says she spends a lot of time on it. Before she lived there, her grandmother did.  She always admired the beautiful porch that has now been destroyed.

“I have lived on this street my whole life.  I used to look across the street and say, ‘I wish I had a porch like that.' Now - I did - but not anymore.”

The historic house isn’t the only damaged by the storm. 

Trees fell in numerous metro-Detroit communities, blocking roads, damaging property, and causing power outages. 

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