Family searching for answers in father's murder

(WXYZ) - Three years have passed and there are still no answers for the family of Karim Khamarko.

The 64-year-man was found shot and on the floor behind he counter of his store,  Dollar Club Plus in Ferndale.

“Our family is forever changed because of what this one person did,” said Khamarko’s daughter Vivian Denha.  “They took away so much from all of us.”

“What happened changed our life completely.  The family is torn,” said Khamarko’s wife Ida.

His murder happened on November 26, 2010.  By the time he arrived at the hospital, he was pronounced dead.

The killer has not been arrested and there are no suspects at this time.

Khamarko's family says the gunman ripped the store owner away from his wife, children, and grandchildren.

“He took away so much from my family,” said Denha.  “He wasn’t there to walk me down the aisle and he wasn’t there to see my daughter.”

“He was my best friend,” said Ida Khamarko.  "He was the love of my life… for 34 years.  I wish it was 50, 60, 70.”

Khamarko loved making barbecue dinners and playing with his grandkids.

According to loved ones, he worked hard for to provide for his family.

They, along with Crime Stoppers and the Chaldean Chamber of Commerce, are offering a $20,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest in this case.

The family is chipping in an addition $5000 for the person who provides tips by Friday.

“We want the perpetrator to know that we will never give fighting for our dad,” said the victim’s daughter Candace Khamarko.  “This person took someone from our family that we can never replace.”

According to Crime Stoppers, they go to great lengths to make sure callers remain anonymous, including using a third party in Canada to take the phone calls.

Khamarko’s family is hoping anyone who may know anything about the crime will step forward to help them get some closure.

“I want if for my dad cause that’s what he deserves,” said Candace Khamarko. "He was a man that didn’t deserve for his life to end the way it did and he deserves to have that justice.”

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