Father arraigned in the beating of his 6-month-old baby boy

TAYLOR, Mich. (WXYZ) - The 23-year-old father who is suspected of beating his 6-month-old baby boy was arraigned on charges at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday in Taylor. 

The baby, Jesse, underwent emergency surgery for injuries sustained to his head and remains in critical condition in the hospital.

"Your honor, can I ask you a question? Is my girlfriend there? That sounds like her crying.”

It was the question in court that prompted a flurry of emotion from Corie Stahl watching her boyfriend Nicholas Spirdione plead not guilty to charges of torture, child abuse, and assault. Paramedics responded to their Taylor home, where little Jessie was having trouble staying conscious.

After multiple surgeries, the boy is now fighting to stay alive.  

"I want to beg his mother and the doctors for their forgiveness. I’m very sorry. I’ve cried several times here. I feel so bad. This is not who I am. I just want to help people,” said Spirdione in court. 

Spirdione's girlfriend spoke with 7 Action News about the incident.

"Where do you go from being an EMT to almost killing your only son," said Stahl.

Stahl tells 7 Action News that she was sleeping Saturday when her baby's father brought the child to her to feed him.

Stahl says she could tell something was wrong. His body was limp and he was making odd noises. Stahl says she never heard any cries because she's hearing impaired and was still feeling the effects of a sleep aid.

During her interview with 7 Action News, Stahl said she usually tries to read lips or the person speaking has to raise their voice.

When paramedics arrived they found the child having difficulty breathing and going in and out of consciousness.

The father was arrested later that day.

While he is a certified EMT, the man was still undergoing testing for a position with the city of Detroit.

Spirdione is being held on a $1.5 million cash bond. 



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