Relative of suspect speaks out, his daughter may be reason for deadly argument between workers

DETROIT, Mich (wxyz) - The father-in-law of the auto plant worker who police say stabbed his coworker to death spoke to 7 Action News Thursday night.

 Lee Stewart of Clinton Township claims his daughter may be at the center of the deadly argument between the two men.

Stewart is asking people to pray for his family after his son-in-law Jeffrey Hunt reportedly stabbed Keith Readus to death at the Jefferson North Assembly Plant and then drove to Belle isle and fatally shot himself.

Stewart says his daughter Stephanie may have been at the center of the deadly argument,  because of reports that Keith and Stephanie were seeing each other.

"The Lord will get us through this," said Stewart.

Stewart says his daughter is devastated. He also said that telling his 11-year-old grandson how his dad died was extremely difficult.

Neighbors of Jeff and Stephanie in Brownstown Township are also shocked and hurt over the deadly incident.

They say the pair seemed like a nice, quiet couple who were friendly and had lived there for more than 7 years.  The neighbors also added they often saw Jeff shooting basketballs with their son.

They say their thoughts are with the families and they hope they find a way to get through this tragic time.

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