Only on 7: Father speaks out about his 4 year-old daughter being "offered up" to stranger for money

(WXYZ) - A Detroit man is speaking out about his 4-year-old daughter being offered up to a stranger for money.

He asked us not to identify him, but says "I was shocked, nervous, confused. I never would think nobody would do their own daughter like that."

He says he's still in disbelief over what he says his ex-girlfriend, Jennifer Brys, was going to do with their 4 year-old daughter.

On September 1st, he called 911 after going through Brys' phone.

"She was screaming and crying and begging for me not to call. She was trying to jump out of the car while I was driving," he told 7 Action News.

He says he discovered disturbing text messages on Brys' phone between Brys and a stranger she'd met on the controversial website

"She was crazy. She was trying to sell my daughter for $300 .. $500 .. That's not worth my daughter being molested by no criminal.

Warren police say Brys put a prostitution ad on and 26 yeawr-old Edward Reardon of Lincoln Park responded to it.

When Reardon found out Brys had a 4 year-old daughter, police say he wanted to have inappropriate contact with the little girl. Investigators said he suggested through text messages that they shower together. 

Police say he promised Brys cash.

He wanted to meet her at 7 o'clock the next day. "I caught it before it happened," says the father of the 4 year-old.

"I would have done it for anybody.. not just my daughter," he says.

Reardon and Brys are locked up on charges of child sexual abuse and using the internet for a crime.


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