FBI finds remains from many people at scene of Detroit business under investigation

(WXYZ) - The FBI tonight left the scene of a Detroit business under investigation for possible illegal buying and selling of human remains. 

The FBI and officials from the Wayne County Medical Examiner's Office removed several boxed that what are believed to be human remains. 

Sources say they also found inside the building a saw used to cut human body parts. 

The business is called International Biological, Inc. and has been advertised as a medical educational service provider.  The owner of the business is Art Rathburn who has has a mortician License since 1982.  He is not charged with any crime and is not in custody. 

T he FBI could take weeks to test the evidence obtained.  This case is also sending shock waves through the funeral home industry throughout Metro Detroit. 

Were bodies obtained before burial or cremation? We turned to experts in the field to find out about the proper procedures.

Stan Thompson is a Funeral Director at Cantrell Funeral Home in Detroit.  He says possession of bodies is documented every step of the way.  There is a process of cutting up human bodies for medical study called prosecution.  But that is usually done in University labs including Wayne State University and University of Michigan where Rathburn worked in the 1980s

Rathburn has not talked with 7 Action News. 

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