FBI: Man arrested with armor, gun at theater in Grand Blanc Township

(WXYZ) - A man was arrested Tuesday night at a Grand Blanc movie theater for carrying a gun and wearing body armor.

Police were called to the Grand Blanc Township Theater after someone noticed the vest and gun. 

When police arrived, they found the local resident already watching a movie with the loaded weapon. He was also carrying a fake government I.D.

The Flint man, Cassidy Delavergne, was inside the show with a 9mm gun.  He had the weapon loaded with 34 rounds of ammunition and wore body armor.  

When federal agents arrived, they searched Delavergne's car and found an additional 111 rounds of ammunition.

The man also showed agents a fake Central Intelligence Agency identification card that he had been flashing—telling them he showed it to minimize any concern about his gun.  He also told agents he had a concealed weapon permit and didn't want to leave his firearm unattended. 

We went to Delavergne's home Tuesday night, and even though the lights were on and multiple cars were in the driveway, no one came to the door.

Delavergne has only been charged with possessing phony CIA identification.  He has not been charged with any crimes related to the gun or the ammunition.

The FBI declined to say whether or not they believed he intended to use the gun.  


"Our Employees and on-site security notified the local authorities so a resolution could be achieved in a quick and calm fashion. We have no further comment on this unfortunate situation at this time."


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