FEMA officials to begin assessing flood damage

(WXYZ) - Federal Emergency Management Agency, FEMA, begins a joint Preliminary Damage Assessment (PDA) of the areas severely impacted by the August 11th floods, but that's little consolation to Dearborn residents along Warren and Schaefer.

"Everything came out of the (floor) drains, and that's not our fault," says Saif Al-Fahawi. 

Al-Fahawi, like everyone else on his block, have taken all they had in their basements and placed the sewage-soaked trash on the curbs, and it remains there two weeks later.

"I pay taxes. We shouldn't have to deal with this," says Al-Fahawi.

I walk the neighborhood telling residents that FEMA will visit Wayne, Macomb and Oakland Counties as part of the disaster assessment, possibly paving the way for federal money to assist flood victims.

Once the damage assessments are complete, state officials will review the extent, severity and impact of the disaster on individuals, homes and businesses. Once the assessments are complete, the state will use the damage totals to determine whether the disaster meets the established criteria and can warrant the governor to request a federal declaration of assistance.

The six FEMA teams will consist of state and local emergency managers and will be dispatched from a Dearborn office starting Tuesday, August 25th.

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