Fenton spa closed over concerns of alleged prostitution

The Lake Spa in Fenton has been closed over concerns of alleged prostitution.

The Genessee County Prosecutor obtained a temporary restraining order to prevent any activity from taking place at the business.

"Their lights would be on, their open sign would be on 'til 2, 3 in the morning sometimes. There's nights I would be leaving very, very late and they were still open for business," says Jeff Buffmyer who works near the Lake Spa.

In September, Fenton police say they started getting tips about possible prostitution going on there.

While there's no signage on the outside of the business, Lake Spa advertises online and in the controversial website Backpage.com where it says the spa has the best Asian relaxation and table shower.

After an undercover police investigation, prosecutors got a temporary restraining order and padlocked the business. Police also say they found that some of the employees were even living at the business.

"In the back part of the business, there was actually living quarters. There were beds, portable dressers, two refrigerators fully stocked. they had a portable gas stove that was in there," says Lt. Jason Slater with the Fenton Police Department.

Police say they're not sure how many women were working there or their ages. They say they're still trying to figure out who was profiting from the alleged prostitution.

They're also trying to find the woman who is leasing the space. Investigators say she has an Ohio driver's license, but lists her address as the business.

Another question police are trying to answer is whether human trafficking was going on there.

"We don't know if they were moving girls from say, one spot to another. We don't know how big this may be," says Lt. Slater.

There is another court hearing on December 20th regarding the temporary restraining order that has the business closed.

"We will not tolerate this sort of illegal activity in our community," says Genessee County Prosecutor David Leyton.


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