Festival goers try out smart "cashless" wristbands at Lollapalooza

(WXYZ) - Smart wristbands could change the way we go to festivals, fairs or other big events. 

They're calling it the "Cashless" wristband--and attendees of Lollapalooza in Chicago just tested them out this past weekend.

​Festival goers had the option to sync their credit card with their wristband. Users were then able to tap their wrist and enter a pin number in order to pay for food, drinks or merchandise at the event.

The best thing about the bands is, even if they're lost, other people wouldn't be able to purchase anything without the pin number.

The radio frequency identification wristband has a unique ID for every person and organizers say it makes it easier for them to enter or exit the festival grounds.

There seemed to be a bit of a mixed reaction on Twitter about the wristbands--some were complaining that it was a little too easy to spend money and not really feel guilty. Others seemed to like the ease of the cashless system.


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