Fight to save the music at Renaissance High School in Detroit

(WXYZ) - In a widely distributed video, DPS promotes a promising future for its students.  A future that includes not just academic success, but exposure to music and the arts. 

It's a push to get more bodies in the classrooms and more money in the coffers.  But it may not be enough money to keep the music playing at Renaissance High School. 

With just a week before the new school year is scheduled to begin, students are learning the popular and well respected performing arts program may be cut due to budget woes.

"They lured these parents and students under the promise of a program that no longer exist," said DPS School Board President LaMar Lemmons. "I's the classic case of bait and switch and false advertising."

For many students, the performing arts program at the high school is their path to opportunity. Students have started an online petition to rally support for the program. 

Protests are also being planned for the coming days.

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