Finding Memorial Day's true meaning

PLYMOUTH, Mich. (WXYZ) - Americans across the country will line main streets everywhere, and the parade routes will feel like a celebration. But ask any veteran, and they’ll tell you this day is marked for those who can’t make it to Main Street.

“So many have been willing to give the ultimate sacrifice." said Steve Braun, father of two whose sons are active Marines, "Abraham Lincoln said it is to give the last full measure of devotion.”

“They went over there, did what they had to do," said Vietnam veteran Rick Balish, "And unfortunately they didn’t make it back."

Under the backdrop of one united flag, the festivities in Plymouth focused on paying respects to the one million men and women who have died defending this country since 1775. And that focus resonates with even the youngest on the parade route.

“For [my son] to wake up this morning and say, ‘I love Memorial Day because we honor the soldiers,'" said Stacey Hoover, "That was exactly what we were praying for; hat God would move his heart to understand the need to honor those who served and those who died."

“I was one of those people before, you know, go out and picnic, day off, have fun." said Braun, "But then when you have particularly your own children serving and you realize the sacrifice they make, the day does take on a little different meaning."

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