Fitle trying to reinvent the online clothes shopping experience

(WXYZ) - The future of shopping online for clothes could get a whole lot easier.

We’ve probably all ordered a shirt, or some type of clothing item online, only to be disappointed with the fit when we get it.

Well, Fitle will help prevent users from ordering the wrong clothes for their body type.

Fitle will be a Website and app that will allow users to enter a virtual fitting room of sorts.

After creating a 3D avatar of yourself, Fitle will let you try on any clothing item from their participating brands. Now those clothes will also be turned in to 3Dmodels to fit on your avatar.

The creators of hope to eventually own the world’s largest clothes database.

Now, what’s really neat about this site, is it will keep track of your purchases. So if you buy a new pair of jeans—and then a couple of months later want to see what a certain shirt will look like with those jeans, you can pull them up and match them.

Fitle will also learn from your daily browsing in order to understand your style.

The creators have passed their fundraising goal of $50,000 on Kickstarter, so we could be hanging out in a virtual fitting room sooner than we think. 

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