Detectives: 4 found dead in Florida home were shot

TAMPA, Fla. (WXYZ) - A couple from Michigan is at the center of a tragedy in Tampa, Florida. 

After flames raced through a mansion in wealthy subdivision, Sheriff’s investigators discovered four bodies in the home.  Now officials in Tampa say Darrin and Kimberly Campbell, and their two teenage children, Colin and Megan were all shot.

The Campbell’s both grew up in Southeast Michigan and they started their life together in Canton. 

Now their family members who still live in Michigan are utterly dumfounded that detectives are looking at the possibility this may have been a murder-suicide.

Panicked neighbors called 911 around 6 AM Wednesday.

“Oh my God, this is so bad I was walking my dog and the house just exploded,” one witness told a 911 operator.

Sheriff’s investigators say Darrin and Kimberly Campbell had been renting the more than 6,000 square foot mansion from former tennis star James Blake. 

This fire was no accident – an accelerant was used inside and fireworks were found throughout the house.

Hillsborough County Sheriff’s officials say they found a gun belonging to 49-year-old Darrin Campbell inside the home.  They also say Campbell purchased several gas cans on Sunday as well as an “exceedingly large amount of fireworks.”

7 Action News has obtained security camera footage of Campbell inside Phantom Fireworks.  The Vice President of Phantom, William Weimer, says their encounter with Campbell was unremarkable.  
He purchased six packs of firecrackers and seven aerial fireworks, but they were not professional grade.

Sheriff’s officials say the parents were found in their bedroom, the teenage children were each in their respective rooms.

Kim Campbell grew up in Dearborn Heights and graduated from Central Michigan University; Darrin Campbell went to the University of Detroit and got an MBA from the University of Michigan.

“We cry a lot. I can’t believe it yet,” said Kim’s father Gordon Lambie.  “I’m totally in shock. I don’t know why it happened.”

The 82-year-old lives in Boyne City, Michigan.  Lambie told the 7 Investigators that his daughter met Darrin while they both worked as Legislative aides in Lansing. 

Lambie says Darrin Campbell started his career at Ford Motor Company, and eventually got recruited by several large corporations, moving the family to Texas, and then to Florida.

“Darrin has always been a very good breadwinner.  I’m aware of no other difficulties as far as I can tell. They had a lovely family, they were very close, very much involved with their youngsters,” said Lambie.

Lambie says 15-year-old Megan loved to go shopping with her mom.
7 Action News obtained college recruiting video of 19-year-old Colin, who was a star baseball player at Carrollwood Day School in Tampa.  Both children attended the private school, and Darrin Campbell had been volunteering as the school treasurer.

“My grandson is a quite outstanding baseball player; he and his dad spent a lot of time working out, that type of thing.  They were very close,” said Lambie.

Darrin Campbell was not currently working in a paid position.  Kim Campbell was a stay-at-home mom. Detectives are not actively looking for a suspect, but they have not officially said this was a murder suicide.
Kim Campbell’s father says they are hoping to bring the family home to Michigan to be buried here.


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