Free Focus Hope offering job training programs for adults

(WXYZ) - Focus Hope is now offering free job training programs in Detroit.

The organization is enrolling students for three career training programs. This is for adults between the ages of 18 through 24.

This is all part of new funding through the Southeast Michigan Talent Enhancement Program to let Focus Hope graduate more than 500 students by the end of September.

There is a Machinist Training Institute that offers a 12 week course designed to train people to become machine operators. The Information Technologies Center offers a 15 week class that lets student get two certifications and become eligible for entry level jobs. Those include certifications as Microsoft Office Specialist and Certified Business Professional Customer Service Support.

Another training option is the Earn and Learn Program that provides four weeks of job readiness training with placement in part-time jobs and additional job training.

Prospective students can enroll any day or come to the recruiting event on Wednesday, May 16 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Focus Hope Conference Center on 1400 Oakman Boulevard in Detroit.


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