Former tanning addict fights to keep minors away from tanning beds

(WXYZ) - What started as quick tans before sunny trips turned into an addiction for Anne Goulet when she was just a young teen.

"I started tanning when I was a freshman in high school and my senior year it was known-- every day-- daily thing I would be at the tanning salon," said Anne.

By age 19, Anne was diagnosed with skin cancer, sending shock waves through her close family of three brothers and her parents.

"We were.. um shocked.. we knew that she had been every once in a while before a trip to Florida... before a dance... but not to the extent we found out after she was diagnosed," said Anne's mother Cathy Goulet.

Now a 22-year-old communications senior at Central Michigan University, Anne decided to turn her melanoma experience into a way to save other young people from the same fate.

She joined her doctor and other members of the Michigan State Medical society in Lansing, asking legislators to approve a new package of bills that would ban minors from using indoor tanning facilities.  

"I knew that if I would have never went tanning I would have never been diagnosed with Melanoma when I was 19 and I just.. you know people don't really realize the risks," said Anne.

The Centers for Disease Control says young people who tan indoors have a 75-percent higher risk of being diagnosed with Melanoma.

It is the deadliest form of skin cancer and the number one cancer killer of young women nationwide.

Anne's cancer surfaced as a brand new mole on her lower right abdomen. She was fortunate her Doctor caught it early and had surgery to cut it all out, but her experience has now grown into seeing House Bills 44-04 and 44-05 get passed.

"I thought this would never happen to me--I would never get skin cancer..being able to share my story and let people know the true dangers of it and hearing from someone who actually has been effected by it i think is a lot more powerful," said Anne.

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