Former Taubman flight attendant files sexual harassment suit against billionaire

(WXYZ) - A former flight attendant who worked aboard Alfred Taubman's private jet claims the billionaire sexually harassed and humiliated her over the course of several years.

The allegations were made in a federal lawsuit filed Thursday.

Attorney Thomas Warnicke says his client, Nicole Rock, endured abusive and unwanted advances during her time as Taubman's private flight attendant.

Rock, who spoke exclusively with Action News at Warnicke's office Thursday, says she treated the Taubman's like royalty and in exchange he shattered her life.

The suit alleges Taubman repeatedly touched and slapped Rock and that she was subjected to constant sexual innuendos and advances. Rock says there were times that Taubman forced his tongue in her mouth and touched her breasts.

In one instance Rock claims Taubman attempted to perform oral sex on her without her consent and threatened by screaming at her "I said lay down."

The harassment got even worse, Rock says, after she became pregnant. She says Taubman told her she was fat and that she should have had an abortion.

Rock says during her tenure as the sole flight attendant aboard his luxury jet they would travel across the world to exotic destinations – it was during those times that Taubman allegedly carried out the demeaning acts.

Action News reached out to Taubman's staff. We were told there would be no on camera interviews. This statement was released:


"The allegations contained in the complaint filed in court this morning against A. Alfred Taubmanare not true.  Mr. Taubman will address the complaint through the appropriate legal channels."

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