Former Detroit Tigers pitcher Denny McClain talks about life after weight loss surgery

(WXYZ) - Former Tigers pitcher Denny McClain is talking about life after having weight-loss surgery.

Last June, he had bariatric surgery known as "the sleeve" where the size of his stomach was reduced.

McClain didn't want to say what his peak weight was, but says it was so severe that he couldn't live a normal life.

"I was refusing to go to baseball games. I was embarrassed," he says.

His doctors gave him many warnings about his health, but McClain says he didn't get the message until after his wife of almost 50 years was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.

"If you have a heart attack and a stroke .. who's gonna take care of you? Sharon? No. She's got her own problems. That was the wake up call," he says.

McClain had the surgery last June and says he feels great and never feels hungry.

He has lost 156 pounds so far.

"I'm walking again .. I'm not afraid to go to Tiger Stadium," he says.

These days he's busy making appearances and buying and selling memorabilia, but says he feels like he has added decades to his life.

"I wanna see a couple of great grandkids born! .. I'm still lookin for a pitcher! somehow .. somewhere .. I'm gettin' me a pitcher!"

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