Four arrested in attorney's shooting in Bloomfield Hills

(WXYZ) - Four people from Sterling Heights have been arraigned in connection to the shooting of a lawyer at his Bloomfield Hills home.

Bloomfield Hills Police say Devon Miller, 21, Henry Williams, 20, Christopher Hernandez-Monteil, 20, and Cassandra Chobod, 23 came to the home of David Zacks on April 30th.

During court proceedings Monday, police told the judge the four planned to burglarize the Zack's house.  When they realized someone was home, police say they drove to Detroit and got a gun. They then returned to the house. Some went up to the door, knocked, and yelled police. 

When they realized Zacks knew they weren't police, Devon Miller allegedly shot through the front door five times.  Zacks suffered life-threatening injuries.

Miller faces the most charges. They include assault with intent to murder, firearms charges, conspiracy to commit armed robbery, armed robbery, and conspiracy to commit home invasion.

The others face fewer charges, but if convicted as charged still face up to life in prison.

Two of the defendants, Miller and Williams,  are on probation for a bank robbery they committed together.  They also have been convicted of other violent crimes. Their bond was set at $5 million.

Monteil-Hernandez and Chobod are being held on $2 million.

During the arraignment Chobod started crying after the judge read the charges against her. She told the judge she has a 7-month-old baby.

Police say Attorney David Zacks remains in the hospital. Though his injuries were life-threatening, he is now in stable condition.

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