Freedom hangs in the balance for a Michigan woman whose legal fight has been going on for 10 years

BURLINGTON, Mich. (WXYZ) - Lorinda Swain could be sent back to prison after a hearing on May 16th, because the Michigan Supreme Court ruled it would not hear her case.

Back in 2002 Lorinda was convicted of sexually assaulting her own young son.  She was sentenced to 25-50 years. She maintained her innocence the whole time and in 2009, her son, then 20 recanted his story and Lorinda was freed on a bond and a judge granted her a new trial.

Prosecutors objected and filed an appeal and the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the prosecution even though Lorinda's lawyers say there are two witnesses who will help prove that the son was lying when he was 14 and telling the truth at 20.

Lorinda says she is so worried about what will happen and scared to go back to prison for something she says she did not do.

She tells action news if she is sent back she will starve herself to death. 

Her lawyers are from the Innocence Clinic at the University of Michigan and say they will fight her return to prison.

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