Gang members squatting in Detroit house arrested

(WXYZ) - A gang threat in a Detroit neighborhood included a promise to kill an entire family.

That family is turning to 7 Action News for help and protection.

They tell us "His exact words were on my momma's life, we gonna kill you. We've never been involved in anything illegal or had any situation like this."

According to neighbors, there were as many as 15 thugs who had been squatting in a Detroit home on Turner St. The house was fire bombed this morning.

Ever since, there have been threats blaming the family next door for the arson. As a result, they have picked up guns to defend themselves.

We arrived and called Detroit Police who immediately responded and arrested five alleged gang members hanging out nearby.

All those arrested had outstanding arrest warrants.

Police then kept watch over the home as a U-haul was loaded with the family's things.

"This is the first time we've seen somebody step right up instantly when we've said something about it" says one family member.

They are happy to leave safely and won't be returning.

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