D:hive to provide an insider's view of Detroit for journalists visiting for 2014 auto show

(WXYZ) - Journalists from all over the country and the world will be coming to Detroit for the 2014 NAIAS and one non-profit group is making sure journalists leave Detroit with a good impression.

D:hive is a non-profit located downtown that takes visitors to the city on tours to show them places and people off the beaten path.

The group is offering free tours to the journalists that will be here and 7 Action News went along on one of the tours to see at least three things people will get to learn about while they are in the city.

The first stop we went to was Detroit Vegan Soul.  The restaurant in West Village has only been open a few months.  The owners make comforting soul food without any animal products!

The second stop we went to was Craft Work, a restaurant right next door to Detroit Vegan Soul.  Craft Work has American fare with soul food flair.  The manger said they specialize in good comforting food that leaves you energized and not groggy.   The fish and chips is one of their top sellers.

The third and last place we visited was in Midtown.  We went to a store in the Auburn building called Hugh.  The store has a classy style that caters to men.  There are also items in the store for everyone and a lot of it is things found only in Detroit.

D:hive is giving a group of journalists from Germany a tour on Saturday.  The non-profit tells us the tour is for locals too, because sometimes we are our own worst enemy.

To learn more about D:hive and what they do visit their website: http://dhivedetroit.org/

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