General Motors accused of not offering payout plans to all victims

(WXYZ) - More trouble could be in store for General Motors on the heels of billions in payouts announced recently for ignition switch deaths and injuries.

GM recently made international news announcing it would be spending up to billions of dollars to compensate victims and their families for deaths and injuries from ignition switch failures.

Payments would come 90-180 days from claims being filed.

In the fine print, the payout program listed vehicles you had to have driven to be qualified for those payouts.

"They made the right first step coming forward with this program and put a lot of effort into it. It's just not wide enough," said Dani Liblang of the Liblang Law Firm in Birmingham. 

A warranty and injury litigation expert, Dani now represents more than a dozen families who she says have also paid dearly for GM's mistakes.

But, she says their vehicles that also had problems related to the ignition switches are not on GM's list for payouts.

GM has acknowledged more than 50 crashes and 13 deaths related to faulty ignition switches. 

Among the cars on their list of payouts: The Chevy Cobalt, Pontiac G-5, Saturn Sky, and others.

As for the claims being made by the Liblang Law Firm, GM's spokesman Greg Martin tells Action News: 

"The compensation program was established for those who were harmed by the initial ignition switch recall. It was a unique and extraordinary set of circumstances that required an extraordinary response on our part. Recalls done since then that could also involve the unintended rotation of the ignition key are separate and unrelated to the ignition switch recall."

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