Imagine getting your packages delivered to your car: Volvo demonstrates "Roam Delivery" service

Tired of always missing your deliveries  when you’re not home?
Well, you may want to consider investing in a Volvo in the future. 
Volvo Cars has demonstrated with a trial group of customers a new service that would allow consumers to have their shopping delivered right to their car, no matter where they are called "Roam Delivery."
When ordering items online, Volvo Car owners involved in the trial group were able to choose their vehicle as a delivery option. 
The driver was then notified via smartphone when a delivery company wanted to pick something up or drop something off at their car.  
Once accepted, Volvo's digital key technology let the deliveryperson open the car and leave the package—all of which is trackable on the driver’s smartphone.
The digital key then disappears after the delivery.
The pilot program, Volvo says, is one example of how the company is exploring the potential of connected cars to help simplify our lives.
“By turning the car into a pickup and drop-off zone through using digital keys we solved a lot of problems since it’s now possible to deliver the goods to persons and not to places. The test-customers also indicated that the service clearly saved time. And the same thing is valid for delivery companies a well! Because failed first-time deliveries cost the industry an estimated €1billion in re-delivering costs. We are now further investigating the technology of digital keys and new consumer benefits linked to it," says Klas Bendrik, Group CIO at Volvo Car Group, in a press release.
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