Getting results to fix sinkhole in Oakland Co.

(WXYZ) - On the rough roads in Oakland County that have been trashed this winter, Drake Road may claim the crown for the biggest problem of all, a sinkhole so big and gnarly, it shut down the road for weeks in a spot that couldn't be worse.

"It's located directly in front of the Jewish community center. It's adjacent to a senior complex, and near Henry Ford Hospital and fire station number 2," said Michele Economou Ureste, West Bloomfield Township Supervisor.

As crews have scraped and clawed to fix the sinkhole, emergency crews have been forced to scramble.

Chief Jay Wiseman with the West Bloomfield Fire Dept.  says "this has transitioned from something that has been an inconvenience to a safety risk. When you take residents and cut off services from their closest fire station, it absolutely is a safety risk."

Lloyd Strausz is among those in the senior complex. He and his neighbors worry about emergency response and just getting around.

"There's a hundred of us that live here and about 20 drive. I don't have a car but it presents a problem," says Strausz.

With so much as stake, everyone's asking what's taking so long? Officials tells us the weather hasn't helped but the root of the problem is the sinkhole sits in a wetland area.

It was caused by two culvers beneath the surface that carry water. They collapsed and sucked the road down with them.

As of 3 pm, the stretch of Drake Road has been repaired and is back open. Minor work will be completed when the temps rise.