Getting to school can be a dangerous journey in some Detroit neighborhoods

(WXYZ) - For most kids, the first day of school is exciting.  But, for others, their excitement is overshadowed by fear because just getting to school can be a dangerous journey.

Dawn Kirk's daughter is just starting her school journey. Her first day of preschool, and her mom doesn't risk her future by walking, she drives.  She's worried about the abandoned homes in the neighborhood and roaming dogs.

Near Outer Drive on Detroit's east side, there are three schools within a few blocks of each other.  Binder Street is in the school zone. 

Within just a few blocks, there are twelve abandoned homes. Irvin Hurston and other neighbors have tried boarding the houses, but the job has become to big.  He's worried if something isn't done soon, a child will get hurt.

"It's a safety issue.  Someone could grab a kid off the street, pull them in the vacant house," said Hurston.  "What will be the result?  Another kid raped or killed."

The Detroit Public School District has several tips for kids walking to school.  To learn more, click on

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