Girl petitions Hasbro to make Easy-Bake Ovens more gender-neutral

(WXYZ) - A girl is hoping to gather enough signatures to convince Hasbro to make its Easy-Bake Oven more gender neutral.

13-year-old McKenna Pope, from Garfield, New Jersey, started an online petition on the site, .

She says her 4-year-old little brother likes to cook and asked for an Easy-Bake Oven for Christmas, but when McKenna went to the store, she could only find the products in pink and with little girls on the box. She figured her little brother would be embarrassed to use it.

McKenna decided to take action. She's asking the company to manufacture Easy-Bake Ovens in different colors other than pink and purple, and to put more boys on its boxes.

She posted a clip on YouTube showing her little brother talking about Easy-Bake Ovens.


As of Tuesday morning, she had collected more than 40,600 signatures on her online petition, but she's hoping to gather about 9,400 more before sending the petition to Hasbro.

Celebrity chefs Manuel Trevino and Bobby Flay are just a few of her supporters.

Hasbro hasn't commented on McKenna's petition.
to sign McKenna's petition.

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