GM to release results of ignition switch recall probe

(WXYZ) - General Motors CEO Mary Barra is expected to release findings from an internal investigation on the company's faulty ignition switch recall Thursday from the GM Tech Center in Warren.

Although the findings remain a mystery, Wall Street may provide an indication. GM's Stock was up $1.25 a share in trading, leading analysts to believe the report will show Barra and former CEOs were not aware of the problem that caused 13 deaths and the recall of 2.6 million vehicles.

Former US Attorney Anton Valukas was asked by GM to do the internal investigation.

Ward's Auto analyst David Zoia believes the report will show a massive bureaucracy that allowed the problem to be unseen for 10 years, and suggested the recall will cost General Motors more than $1 billion.

Following Congressional hearings on the matter, GM has seen four top level executives leave and two engineers close to the ignition design suspended.

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