Golf coach who is accused of molesting 3 boys allegedly tried to hire hitman to kill them

DUBLIN, Calif. (AP) - First he was accused of molesting his young golf students, now a golf pro who once worked here in Michigan is charged with trying to have his victims killed.  

Andrew Michael Nisbet once spent 4 years in Michigan teaching young people how to golf at Southfield’s Beech Woods Golf Course.

Now he’s locked up inside a California jail, where he’s facing 75 counts of child molestation charges involving three boys between the ages of 12 and 17.  Prosecutors now say it was inside the Santa Rita jail where Nisbet cooked up a murder-for-hire plot.

According to a court filing from the Alameda County District Attorney’s office, a confidential informant turned over letters that were allegedly written by Nisbet, asking to have his victims taken care of for a price.

In March, an undercover inspector posed as the hit man.  The agent wore a hidden camera and visited the 32-year-old Nisbet in jail.  The agent called himself a “mechanic” who could fix a car for him – and made a pistol-like motion with his hand.  The former golf pro then mouthed the name of one of the victims to the hit man and offered to pay the money up front.

Court records show Nisbet also mentioned the cities where two of the victims are living now and another search warrant turned up more letters that detail the murder plot, including one that had driving directions to the home of one of the victims.

Nisbet was originally arrested in December, just before he was supposed to accept an award from the PGA for his record as a Junior Golf Leader.  Nisbet’s online bio boasted that he grew the junior golf program here in Michigan from 65 kids to 450.

Police say he used fear and coercion with his victims, showing the boys pornography and then performing sex acts on them.

“He knew when the right time was to sexually assault these kids there was that fear, male on male, you don’t really want to walk out and you’re embarrassed, you just can’t believe it happened, someone you trust and admire,” said Officer Steve Goard form the Livermore Police Department in California.

Andrew Nisbet is now charged with three more felonies for solicitation of murder.
Police in Livermore, California believe there may be additional victims in Michigan, North Carolina, Mississippi, and Alabama.

If your children took lessons from Nisbet in Southfield between 2002 and 2006, police are asking you to talk to them about this.  Call your local police department or Livermore Police 925-294-7531

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