Google executive talks about death package offered to employees, partners and kids benefit greatly

DETROIT (WXYZ) - The internet juggernaut already has a reputation for hosting a great workplace and here's another reason why job seekers should apply.

In a Forbes interview, a Google executive revealed details of perks offered after an employee is dead.

According to the executive, the spouse or domestic partner will receive compensation worth half of the deceased salary, for a decade after the employee dies.

Google takes care of the deceased's offspring, too. Each child will receive $1,000 per month until the age of 19. The benefits can be extended to the age of 23 if the child attends school full-time.

The perks aren't exclusively for company executives. Every one of Google's more than 34,000 employees qualifies for the benefits package.

Google believes the generous package improves retention and performance of its employees.



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