Governor Rick Snyder unveils his public safety plan

(WXYZ) - Governor Rick Snyder unveiled his plan to improve public safety in Detroit and other cities across the state.

The governor wants to spend $20 million to enhance law enforcement in Detroit, Pontiac, Flint and Saginaw.

You can view Governor Snyder's Public Safety Timeline below.

Gov. Snyder wants to spend the millions on hiring additional forensic scientists in order to solve crime cases more quickly, as well as doing more for victim protection and even changing the criminal justice system.

In his speech Wednesday Snyder said, "It's time to reinvent public safety in Michigan." "Our state can't reach its full potential until we tackle the problem of violent crime in our cities."

He went on to say "But we can overcome these challenges through a collaborative and long-term approach. By moving forward with a system of 'smart justice,' we will hold chronic offenders accountable for their actions, bring peace of mind to community residents, help to break the cycles that perpetuate crime and unleash Michigan's economic growth."

While reported crime rates are down throughout most of the state, FBI data shows that Flint, Detroit, Saginaw and Pontiac rank among the nation's top 10 most violent cities. Several of Snyder's initiatives specifically are geared to these four communities though they may be expanded to other areas over time.

Public Safety Timeline
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