Gov. Snyder says Right to Work is about fairness

(WXYZ) - Michigan Governor Rick Snyder tells 7 Action News he waded deep into controversy with "right to work" legislation– but, he says, he was forced to deal with the issue after the unions pushed Proposal 2, which was ultimately shot down by voters.

"Ever since the election, this was an issue that had been escalating—it had become divisive," said Snyder.

Governor Snyder speaks on Right to Work legislation, signs bills into law

Bottom line, Snyder says "right to work" is about fairness.

"It's about being pro-worker, it's about giving workers choice," said Snyder.

But judging by Tuesday's protests, Snyder's enthusiasm is not shared by union leadership in Michigan nor by the state's U.S. Senators,  both released statements blasting the governor's decision to sign into law "right to work."

Union leaders say the central reason why "right to work" is unfair is because those who don't want to pay dues at a union shop will still get all the benefits of union – without having to pay.

When asked why he didn't let the people vote on the issue, Snyder said:

"This is part of the normal legislative process; I mean we've dealt with a lot of tough issues since I've taken office.  Right to Work didn't sneak up on people, Right to Work has been discussed in the state for a long time."

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