Governor Rick Snyder pushing for Obamacare's Medicaid health care expansion

(WXYZ) - President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act is set to send states federal money to pay for more people to get insurance through Medicaid, but there is a catch.

Lawmakers have to approve it. 

Now Governor Rick Snyder is fighting his own party members in the Senate, trying to convince them to do so, so there are fewer people without insurance in Michigan.

"We have a system where we have 400,000 Michiganders without health insurance, so they are left with the emergency room as their access point for health care," said Snyder.

Governor Snyder tried to work with State Senators, but says they aren't working fast enough. It has inspired him to tour the state and call on residents to pressure their senators.

He says it will save Michigan more than $200 million next year by decreasing the amount  of money from the general fund used on health care. 

Governor Snyder is facing resistance from those who don't want to show any support for the president's plan and the how it regulates health care choices.

"The challenge is it is part of the Affordable Care Cct, called Obamacare by a lot of people," said Snyder.

The group Americans for Prosperity says expanding Medicaid means expanding a program that doesn't work, and costs all Americans too many Federal tax dollars. The group says it doesn't trust the government to provide promised funding.

"The governor is trusting the federal government to keep its promises.  If it doesn't, we will be stuck with the bill.  Michigan can't afford that," said Annie Patnaude, of Americans for Prosperity's Michigan chapter.

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