Governor Snyder report proposes Michigan education overhaul

(WXYZ) - A new report commissioned by Governor Snyder could drastically change the state's education system.

Snyder's report proposes school be year-round and students would be allowed to attend any school that would accept them.

Districts would no longer receive money based on their number of schools, rather money would follow a student from one school to the next.

Students could also opt to enroll in an online school.

A proposed 180 day calendar spread out over the entire year would get rid of summer vacation and cut down on the amount of time spent reviewing the previous year's material.

The plan would also award students up to $10,000 by allowing them to earn $2,500 for every semester they graduate early from high school.

The governor's approach is being called the "any time, any place, any way and any pace approach to learning."

The Michigan Board of Education and the American Federation of Teachers Michigan Chapter are both against it.

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