Governor Snyder signs bill against tougher scrapping

(WXYZ) - Years of gridlock in Lansing have officially come to an end when it comes to the issue of illegal scrapping.

It's a problems we have highlighted over and over. Thursday lawmakers are crediting 7 Action News with putting pressure on Lansing.

On Thursday, the governor signed a much tougher bill against illegal scrapping into law.

It's a stroke of the pen that's taking a huge bite out of illegal scrapping in Detroit.

"it's great we got it done" says Governor Rick Snyder. 

Flanked by cops and community leaders, the governor celebrated the new law that's been months in the making.   

"This is an issue and problem taking part in all corners of Michigan," Snyder adds.

The new law means illegal scrappers can no longer get large amounts of cash on the spot for catalytic converters air conditioning units and copper wire.

Anything more than $25 will be mailed to an address by check or wired to a bank account giving law enforcement a paper trail to follow. A picture identification will also be copied at time of sale.

This is a huge victory for people like pastor Keith Hill who was on action news in march calling for Lansing to take action. He wanted to transform an old school into a community center but it got ravaged by scrappers.

Action News took his fight to Lansing pushing legislators to do the right thing. We were there with Mayor Duggan as he too was lobbying lawmakers. On Thursday, legislators said that made a difference in getting this done.

"I think you and Carolyn and Channel 7 were good about not letting it go. We stayed on top of it and so did you and it kept it in the forefront and that's what needed to be done" says Senator Mike Kowall of White Lake.

The governor did not take any questions but he did say this is a big step in the right direction towards creating a healthier Detroit.