Hamtramck students victims of armed robberies

(WXYZ) - Hamtramck School District has sent parents a warning letter over students being robbed at gunpoint.

The letter tells parents about the two robberies that took place on and near school property. The first incident happened on November 12th when a student was held up at gunpoint outside the south entrance of the high school. The other armed robbery happened on December 4th when a student was walking to school.

Both of the students were holding a smart phone which police believe caught the attention of the robber. 

The first attacker was described as an African American male standing 5'10" tall and weighing 180 pounds. He was dressed in black wearing two hoodies and sporting a scruffy beard.

The second robber was described as an African American male weighing around 140 pounds. He was wearing a knit hat with strings hanging from each ear and he was also sporting a scruffy beard.

Hamtramck Police are asking students to take precautions and never walk alone, do not talk to strangers and be extra vigilant of strangers before and after school.

If you notice anything suspicious call the Hamtramck Police Department at 313-876-7800.

Read the entire letter below:

Dear Hamtramck Public School Parent,   

I want to inform you that unfortunately two Hamtramck High School students have become crime victims.  The first incident was on November 12, 2012 just outside the south entrance to the school. The second incident was on December 4, 2012 and was off school grounds as a student was walking alone to school. Thankfully, the students were not physically harmed in any way, although in both cases, the criminal did show a hand gun. Also, in both instances, the students were holding a smart phone which apparently caught the attention of the robber.

The criminal in each incident has been described as an African American male approximately 5' 10".  In the first incident, he was described as approximately 180 lbs. dressed in black wearing two hoodies, and having a scruffy beard. In the second incident the criminal was approximately 140 lbs. wearing a knit hat with strings hanging from each ear. The strings are used to tie the hat under the chin.  The man described in the second incident, like the first, also has a scruffy beard.

The Hamtramck Chief of Police Max Garbarino has informed me that the police have "significant leads" which they are following up on.

On November 26, 2012 a Hanley International Academy student, while walking home alone from school, was grabbed by the back of the neck by a male described as white, with dirty blonde hair, approximately 5'8" 175 lbs. with gages in his ears and a small goatee. Fortunately, the Hanley student ran away and was not harmed.

Crime is a real problem and all residents must be the eyes and ears of the community to help the police. No matter how insignificant, if you see something unusual, please call the police @ 313.876.7800. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


  • Never walk alone. 
  • Do not talk to strangers.
  • Be extra vigilant of strangers during the starting and dismissal times of schools.
  • Do not keep valuables (cell phones, electronic devices, etc…) out in the open while walking.
  • Be aware of the people around you. Report suspicious activities to the police.
  • Never keep valuables exposed in your car. 
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