Hat bandits caught on camera

(WXYZ) - A business owner already down on his luck became the target of sophisticated thieves.

The savvy shoplifters may not have known, but Play Ball Sports on Warren in Westland has security cameras.  From the moment the two guys walked into the store, they were being recorded.  They store owner says they waited until employees were busy to pull off their thievery. 

"While we were busy with customers, they were stealing all the hats and sticking them in their pants." said owner Mike Odetalla.

Making things worse, the store has been struggling economically and recently made the decision to close its doors.

Security video shows the two guys worked as a team. One would block the view as the second guy stuffed hats down his pant legs. The crooks got away with around 70 hats worth $2,100.00. 

They fled in a black Jetta with Virginia plates.

If you know who the guys are, please contact Westland police.

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