Have you seen stolen baby Jesus? Porcelain statue stolen from nativity purchased at Costco

(WXYZ) - A man in West Bloomfield is upset after he says someone stole the porcelain baby Jesus from his front lawn nativity display.

Reginald Kakos says he and his wife bought a $550 porcelain nativity from Costco to help his four young children understand the true meaning of Christmas.

"The nativity brought me so much joy as a parent, because every time I came home with the kids they would run up to and touch every statue," said Kakos.

Kakos says his mother was concerned someone might steal the statues.

"I chuckled and said: ‘Mom who will steal a Jesus'," said Kakos.

But, when Kakos and his family arrived home from church on December 27, they discovered baby Jesus was gone. 

He says his family is very religious and the theft has really upset them.

If you have any information regarding this incident, please call the news desk at 248-827-9407.

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