Hayley Turner could face charges in alleged abduction case that police say never happened

(WXYZ) - The 18-year-old Bedford Township woman who claimed to have been abducted could face charges in two counties for filing false police reports.

Ecorse Police held a news conference Monday to update the case involving Hayley Turner. Police say the only truthful thing that she told detectives was her name.

Over the weekend, the Monroe County Sheriff's Department issued a news release stating: "it was determined that the incident did not take place, as originally reported."

Eighteen-year-old Hayley Turner went to the Ecorse Police station, Saturday afternoon, to talk to detectives about what transpired during her disappearance. She claimed she had been abducted after getting out of her car to check on a man lying in the road. After several different accounts, police determined that she made the story up.   

Turner was discovered in Ecorse - 45 minutes away from her Monroe home after someone called 911 saying they had seen a woman jumping from a moving vehicle. Police say the jumping out of the car was staged.

The Ecorse Police Department is also seeking restitution for the thousands of dollars they spent searching for her.


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