Hazardous potholes force lane closure on Evergreen Road in front of Southfield City Hall

SOUTHFIELD (WXYZ) - "Ridiculous" is what one woman repeatedly called the massive potholes on the section of Evergreen Road that runs right in front of Southfield City Hall.

The roadway has deteriorated so much that there is no way for drivers to avoid the potholes if they are heading north in the right-hand lane.

Drivers say they aren't just concerned about damaging their vehicles, but also causing an accident as they try to swerve around the craters.

Just last month, Southfield Mayor Brenda Lawrence called on the Oakland County Road Commission to close down a hazardous section of Greenfield Road that falls under the commission's control.

The city of Southfield is responsible for Evergreen Road.

Shortly after Action News contacted city officials Thursday afternoon, they closed what appears to be the most hazardous section of the right-hand lane. 

We're told a patching crew will be out on Friday or Saturday to try to make the road driveable.

Evergreen, between the Northwestern Highway service drive and I-696, is set to be completely redone.

That major roadwork is set to begin in May.

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