Here are some gifts ideas to steer away from this Valentine's Day

(WXYZ) - If you're still searching for a Valentine's Day gift for your sweetie, it's important to keep in mind that there are some gifts your absolutely shouldn't buy!

Ann Arbor based concierge company The Betty Brigade says that giving the wrong gift on Valentine's Day can be worse than no gift at all.

According to the organization's president Sharon McRill, there are some gift categories that should be avoided at all costs.

Men should never give any kind of exercise equipment. They should also avoid giving money, including gift cards, or anything with a picture of themselves on it.

All three categories just send bad messages to your partner.

Women should avoid anything cutesy. They should also avoid cologne, if they don't know what he likes, or a tie, unless it's a special one that you'll know he'll love.

Those types of gifts can show you really don't understand your partner and what he likes.

Both sexes should NOT give their partner the same thing they gave them last year. A gift is supposed to make someone feel special and repeats don't fly.

Also important to keep in mind - read your Valentine's Day card carefully. You need to make sure it feels appropriate to your relationship. 

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