Heroic customer and employees stop thief at Dearborn gas station

(WXYZ) - A customer leapt  into action after a would-be robber made a brazen attempt to steal thousands in cash from a local gas station and it is all caught on camera .

After attempting to rob Ford Tel Marathon on Ford Road in Dearborn, the man made a mad dash out of the store while the owner shouted: "He robbed me!"

A customer, standing in front of the cash register, sprinted out after the thief.

Mike Roy, the owner of the store, said it happened last week while he was preparing stacks of money for a deposit.

"I look up and a man was standing there," said Roy.  "He asked me if I was doing any hiring and he said it negatively… like: 'you aren't doing any hiring are you?'  I said, 'no not at this time.' I turn and he said, 'well, I  will take this then' and leaned over me and grabbed two handfuls of money."

Roy says the culprit was getting into his car by the time Roy rushed outside.

On surveillance video, you can see the heroic customer  trying to stop him. Suddenly, employees jumped in, pulled the suspect out of his vehicle, and there was a scuffle .

The suspect was pulled to the ground until Dearborn Police showed up at the scene minutes later.

Roy feels lucky that brave customer was in the right place and right time to stop this guy. According to Roy, the thief would have taken off with about $3000.

"He had to be desperate, stupid," said Roy. "I have ten people working here."

The hero wants to keep a low profile. The next time he comes here to this gas station, the owner says he has a reward waiting for him for his bravery.

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