Hidden laboratory on a mission to keep medical marijuana safe

(WXYZ) - A hidden laboratory is on a mission to keep medical marijuana users safe.

It's one of the fast growing industries in Michigan – weed, cannabis, marijuana now sold readily to anyone with a medical marijuana card.

"Medical cannabis is legal, however testing is not mandatory," says Robert Teitel. “It's unbelievable what we've seen."

Teitel is one of the founders of Iron Labs.

He says, "What's happened in the last 2 years in breathtaking, anyone can see how legalized medical and recreational marijuana is taking shape."

Teitel's lab is a hidden cannibusiness in the suburbs that tests pot quality for patients and dispensaries.

"Every house, every building where cannabis is grown has different conditions that can change the profile of the cannabis," he says. "There are hundreds of strains of cannabis, and not every strain is meant for every type of ailment."

Teitel continues, "We test for potency, molds, pesticides, infestation, and we do a full analysis to make sure patients get safe medication."

With so many pot shops opening their doors, their mission statewide is clear - giving people knowledge and peace of mind through science. Time is also of the essence.

"We have 10 employees and cover the whole state of Michigan," Teitel says. "Samples come in, they're analyzed and within 48 hours they are emailed with the results and a certification is sent out."

"We look at ourselves as the FDA of cannabis testing," Teitel says. “What we're doing here is a labor of love."

And they see more room for growth as more and more states consider legalizing cannabis for recreational use.

"Growing is a difficult thing to do, not all caregivers are created equal,” Teitel says. “Certainly there is going to be a role, for labs whether its legal or medical."

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