High-profile defense attorney Geoffrey Fieger weighs-in on Casey Anthony verdict

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (WXYZ) - High-profile defense attorney Geoffrey Fieger says just because Casey Anthony was found not guilty by a jury doesn't mean she's innocent.

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Fieger says it just means the prosecution didn't prove their case.

"People have to remember that a not guilty verdict doesn't mean she's innocent, it means the prosecutor didn't prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt."

While Fieger would have used a different strategy to defend Casey he says the defense did a good job planting seeds of doubt. And even more importantly, he says, the jury followed the judge's instructions and the law instead of following public perception.

"This jury is following the law. The judge instructed them – you can't find her guilty just because you think she's guilty."

Now the question is, will Casey walk out of jail this week after sentencing. She only faces lesser charges of lying to police and she's already served more than two years in jail.

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